How to Onboard Employees Remotely

Virtual onboarding will becoome commonplace after the coronavirus pandemic.

Onboarding is a key part of the hiring process that, as any other aspect of our lives, has been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. Although states are currently lifting their stay-at-home orders, many companies will keep working remotely and virtual onboarding will become commonplace. Follow these guidelines to welcome new hires in a way that’s…

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3 Questions to Ask During a Remote Job Interview

A remote job interview can give you a sense of a candidate's skills

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, online meetings and remote work are becoming increasingly common. These new circumstances come with specific benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, it makes sense to adapt your strategy accordingly when you conduct a remote job interview. These questions will help you gauge three skills that will be key in this unprecedented scenario.…

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How to Hire During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Hire during the coronavirus pandemic following these guidelines.

Hiring during the coronavirus pandemic can be a daunting task both for employers and candidates. A virus outbreak poses challenges that have a tangible impact on the hiring process. These tips will help you adapt your process so you can keep interviewing, screening and hiring candidates even during these unprecedented circumstances. Interview Remotely to Hire…

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Recruiting by Video Conference: Is it a Good Idea?

Recruiting by video conference comes with many benefits

During the last weeks work habits have changed with a swiftness that few thought possible. The coronavirus outbreak has made remote work commonplace, putting many processes on its head, including recruiting. Video conferences were already part of the recruiting process, but only under certain circumstances. Now, they can play a more relevant role. Should a…

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5 Tips to Conduct Better Job Interviews

A job interview is always daunting, and not only for the candidate. Interviewers face their own set of challenges. From preparation before the interview to the need to follow up afterwards, this guidelines will show you how to conduct more effective job interviews that will be more satisfying both for you and your prospective employees.…

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