Plexus Global has established solid partnerships with selected companies to better meet the background screening needs of our clients. These integrations bolster our already substantial capabilities and allow us to offer even more comprehensive services.

Applicant Tracking System Partners

BambooHR is an all-in-one HR software made for small and medium businesses and the people who work in them.
JazzHR provides a powerful, user-friendly, and affordable recruiting solution to help small and mid-sized companies exceed their hiring goals.

Consulting Partners

A provider of business solutions in human resources management, Agathon Advisors helps companies navigate challenges and manage all types of transitions.
When it comes to payroll and human resources services, Payroll Mart has the experience and know-how to provide highly customized solutions that deliver results.
With Strategic360, time & attendance, payroll, and human resources are more than just services: they become strategic advantages for your business.
From retail, healthcare, and fintech, AGG offers a breadth of experience and a wealth of points of view that translate into ground-breaking legal insights.

Compliance Partners

Drug compliance institute
The Drug Screening Compliance Institute is one of the industry’s most reliable and authoritative sources for up-to-date information and guidance.
Vidal 4data
Vital4 provides AI-driven data solutions for risk screening and monitoring that allow businesses to make informed compliance decisions in real time.

Drug Testing Partners

A world-class organization focused on delivering reliable healthcare insights using the most innovative technology.
True to the motto “In Pursuit of Answers,” Labcorp is relentless in its mission to move health forward for everyone.

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