The Benefits of Recruiting Software for Small Businesses 

Nowadays, more and more companies are looking for digital alternatives in order to optimize their administrative tasks. It isn’t uncommon to hear about e-services being offered to different businesses, promising an increase in productivity and effectiveness. Attendance, payroll, and even recruiting are processes facing a serious and growing digitalization. This is a great advantage, as software alternatives abound. Besides,…

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Driver Monitoring Systems: What Is Their Purpose? 

Data collection systems and applications are revolutionizing the way we run our businesses. Every industry is going through a digitalization process, with data-driven models in mind. Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) aren’t new but have been getting a lot of attention during the last couple of years. Thus, digital services companies are developing DMS to record transportation data.…

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Using Artificial Intelligence for Background Checks: Not Science Fiction Anymore 

When we think of artificial intelligence, some might imagine humanoid robots that will inevitably reach world domination. However, AI has entered our everyday lives in subtler, and less threatening ways. Personal assistants like Siri or Amazon’s Echo are only a couple of examples. Self-driving cars can be another one. Interestingly, though, there are different companies…

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