Hiring Bonus: Does It Really Work?

It is not uncommon for companies to find themselves struggling with attracting the ideal candidates. Sometimes, finding the right person to fulfill a given position isn’t as simple as it should. Thus, many businesses and managers opt for offering a hiring bonus to candidates, hoping to attract more and better applicants. The concept of hiring…

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3 Cyber Security Threats for Small Businesses

We live in a technocentric society, and as such, it is common to see more and more aspects of our lives have their digitalized, online version, which not only happens with people (through social media) but it has also happened with businesses. Such technological dependency can result in increased efficiency, having more effective strategies, and even…

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5 Wonderful Apps for Small Businesses

Business owners are always looking for ways to be more productive and effective. There are many different tools and strategies small businesses can use to achieve those goals. Nowadays, smartphones are an essential tool for every business person, and there are many apps for small businesses available that can be of great help  Whether you’re…

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Social Media Recruiting – Five Useful Tips

It is no secret that businesses and companies have learned how to take advantage of social media marketing. Advertisements and commercials are, now, just another part of these platforms. However, many companies are now starting to use these sites to find new candidates. Social media recruiting is one of the biggest hiring trends for 2019, and…

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Recruiting Trends for 2019 That Your Company Should Apply

Being able to constantly improve our hiring process will help us become a more attractive and respectable company. Fortunately, this new year will bring us many opportunities to revise and update the way we look for new talents. There are several recruiting trends for 2019 that will boost our talent acquisition efforts while ensuring better and more valuable candidates.   We…

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