How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Businesses? 

Artificial intelligence is no longer part of the science fiction genre. It is a reality, and a successful industry of its own, too. The debate around machines that think is well alive, with many who argue in its favor, and many others arguing against it. Leaving the sociological and philosophical implications aside, the implications of AI in…

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Financial Challenges of Small Businesses 

Running a small business, let alone achieving success, is already a challenge by itself; having to stay on top of every unpredicted situation, solving whatever issues may arise, and being in charge of several people at the same time are all quite demanding duties to take control of. Going through rough times, financially speaking is, however, one of the most common…

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Data Management Tips for Small Businesses  

Nowadays, data is one of the most valuable assets companies can have, regardless of their size and industry. Therefore, adopting useful and effective data management practices has become one of the most important priorities for modern organizations. We can greatly benefit from data if we know how to take advantage of it and implement strategies…

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